color blindness test

Color Blind Test

Some people can’t tell the difference between colors; they are COLOR BLIND. Our eyes have special cells in them that help us see colors; these cells are called CONES. If some of our cones are damaged, it can be hard to tell the difference between red and green; if other cones are damaged, things that

color mixing

Color Math

INTERACTIVE DEMONSTRATION Q: How many colors do you think exist? A: Millions!! Q: What are the colors in a rainbow? A: Red, orange, yellow, blue, green, & purple Did you know that we could make every single color that exists by mixing just three colors together? We call these three colors the PRIMARY COLORS. Q:

rainbow fish

Color Activity: Mix a Rainbow

Materials Squeeze Bottle (3) per group Washable Paint (1) set per group: (1) red, (1) blue, (1)yellow No-Spill Paint Cups (6) per group Craft Sticks (for mixing) Paint Brushes Paint Paper Water (for rinsing brushes) Procedure Instruct the children to mix their paint the same way we added colors together in the previous activity: Squirt


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