paper mache

Paper Mache Science

Please note: This science activity requires careful adult supervision because you will use boiling water. I recommend that you boil the water on the stove or microwave in a shatterproof container and bring it to a table for the child to use with you in this activity. With a little help, your child should be

bubble paper

How to Make Bubble Print Paper

You can make colored bubble paper prints by adding food coloring to your bubble solution because the coloring will dissolve into the water in the solution that is part of the bubbles you blow. Made from a basic bubble solution (like the one in our recipe), bubbles glisten and show off swirls of iridescent colors.

odd shaped bubbles

How To Create Bubbles That Are Not Round

Individual bubbles will always be round. You may have noticed in the bubble paper activity that bubbles are not always round when they touch one another. Indeed, when bubbles attach to one another, they can create all sorts of shapes. Because bubbles want to take up as little space as possible, when they attach to


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