How To Make Bubble Soap

You might have never thought about a recipe for bubble soap, and it may seem strange that we suggest the need for one, but your kids will have a lot of fun with this bubble soap. The most brilliant bubbles are produced from a solution of water, dish soap, and corn syrup or glycerin. Alone,

ice cubes

Freezing & Melting Water Experiment

Doing simple science experiments at home can prepare your child to learn important science concepts – and the need to be patient. Careful observation and note taking are valuable school skills. What You Need 2 ice cube trays Clock Small bowls Paper and pencil Water and other liquids, such as fruit juices   Prepare for


Measuring Shadows

What child isn’t fascinated by shadows? Take some time outside to look at the shadows around you. This is a great activity for teaching and practicing measurement skills.  This is also gives you an opportunity to talk about the rotation of the earth. What you need: Tape measure String Paper and pencil What you do:


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